An open invite to all Brockport Locals

Welcome to all our neighbors who I must have already met or deposited an envelope in your mailbox. Either way my name is Richard and this is a special page for all those who are local and are curious to see this technology in action.

In all likelihood if you made it to this page we are right around the corner from you at 250 State st. in Brockport NY, 14420 but please do give me a ring or select one of

the available time slots you should see on this page.

In any case I am very much excited to see you all and show how no one has to ever pay another heating bill ever again!

We have already sold over 2000+ of these units world wide since 2021 and this invitation is only for locals so bring a friend and I will see you here! 🙂

Only 3 Requirements

  1. Power plug – a regular 110V electrical outlet.
  2. Wifi – internet access with at least 56kb throughput.
  3. A Smartphone – an iPhone or Android device is required to manage your wallet and control the device.

Meet our team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals ranging from seasoned architects to renowned engineers.

Richard Aerton

Founder, Dreamer

R. H. Moore

Engineering Manager




A Man with a Plan!